Beyond the Classroom: Our Promise to Every Academy Student in Lexington

2017 was a milestone year for all of us at The Academies of Lexington. In addition to launching Academies within Bryan Station, Frederick Douglass and Tates Creek high schools, we made history with our designation as a Ford Next Generation Learning (NGL) community. But above all, we saw years of behind-the-scenes planning, dedication and passion come alive under the shared vision of educators, parents, students and businesses to truly transform public high school education in our city.

This New Year, we’re kicking 2018 off with not a resolution—but a promise. As we continue to conquer our own Academy goals, we are reminded that our students are the heartbeat of everything we do. They are the driving force and the energy behind our movement, inspiring us to continue to want more and work harder for the sake of their futures. So we begin this year by sharing The Academies of Lexington Pledge, which is our promise to each and every Academy student.





This is the pledge The Academies of Lexington makes to you. As a student of The Academies of Lexington, you are offered many opportunities to extend your learning beyond the classroom. You are encouraged to make the most of these opportunities, with the expectation you will graduate academically strong and:


  • Hopeful and prepared for your future.
  • Comfortable with taking risks and knowing how to fail-forward.
  • Open to a diverse view of the world.


  1. We promise you opportunities to explore a range of careers so you can make informed choices about your future, whether you are continuing your studies or going directly into the workforce.


  1. We promise to provide a variety of diverse opportunities and experiences to build your confidence and effectiveness as a communicator.


  1. We promise to develop and promote an environment where you think deeply with an open mindset, a willingness to listen, and a safe space to take risks.


  1. We promise to provide you with team experiences that foster trust, collaboration, communication, and accountability.


  1. We promise to model and empower you to make difficult, critical, and appropriate decisions necessary to thrive in a variety of situations.


  1. We promise to expand your knowledge of and appreciation for the arts through creative and culturally diverse experiences.


  1. We promise to broaden your local, regional, and global experiences.


  1. We promise to foster your sense of belonging as a dedicated and invested citizen through giving back to the community.



As we embark on the New Year, we look forward to celebrating new milestones, the continued growth of our movement, and most of all—the fact that we’re preparing our Academy students to graduate with so much more than a high school diploma.


We hope that you’ll continue to follow our journey to transform education, improve collegiate and workforce readiness, and benefit Lexington. To learn more about each of our Academies, or how you can get involved, follow us on social media or visit our website at You can also contact Natalie Shepard, Partnership Manager, Business & Education Network, Commerce Lexington at or 859-226-1629.